Are Blogs Like Mensjournal Worth The Hype?

We live in a world, where internet practically rules our lives. One can find anything and everything at the touch or click of a simple button. Earlier the internet was used as merely a form of recreation and fun. However, today people across the world use it to tell themselves how to live their life. Blogs and websites such as specialise in the lifestyle arena and help people stay updated with the latest trends on the market as well as help them find suitable products for various purposes for them. When we talk about blogs, they can vary to include a plethora of varieties. There exist multiple types of blogs such as food blogs, lifestyle blogs, finance blogs etc. Basically anything that a person writes on the internet that has meaning and sense to it, becomes a blog.

Why blogs are important?

From a writer’s point of view, blogs help you earn an additional income and over a period of time, with consistency and dedication, you might just even start earning enough from your blogs to sustain you full time. Many websites also hire writers to write blogs for them. However, speaking from a reader’s point of view, blogs help them understand new perspectives on various topics and help expand their horizon of knowledge. The business of blogs is a mutually interdependent one. Reader’s won’t read blogs if they aren’t well written and have substance and meaning to them, and writers won’t write blogs until they feel that their work is getting due credit and attention. Many people start out small and then increase their capacity. Today, one can see many writers who started writing blogs simply as a part time hobby and now have not only taken it up as a full time job, but also have a dedicated team for it.

Chances are you have probably come across various blogs in your lifetime too. Every article you read on the internet  is in some way or another a blog. While it is true that blogs have been around for a long time, the way they present themselves have varied from time to time. Earlier people wanted informative and meaningful blogs. Today, the focus and spotlight is more on blogs that feature first hand accounts from writers. Readers wish to know about the experience of the writer, whether it was during tasting a new dish, or travelling to a new country etc.