Best sex positions for multiple Orgasms

Orgasms during sex always gives satisfaction but for women its bit difficult to achieve orgasms on the other hand men can easily enjoy this after few times. When it comes to orgasms women always love to enjoy multiple orgasms. If you want to satisfy your lady during sex by giving her multiple orgasms then you have to focus on some of the best sex positions to Do With udaipur Escorts

Gone are those days when people only believe in traditional sexual positions. Now passionate sex brings multiple positions and different sex position definitely gives you fresh enjoyment of seduction. Today in this post we are going to share some of the best sex positions for multiple orgasms. So, let’s begin with more details of Ajmer Escort Service

Sixty-nine position 

Sixty-nine sex position is one of the most pleasurable sex positions ever. Your lady will definitely enjoy multiple orgasms with this amazing sex position. This position usually involves oral sex and you can say this is a mutual win-win sexual position for any partner. Just try this and share your experience with us!

Cowgirl position 

Cowgirl position is amazing and many experts say this position can give multiple orgasms. In this sex position woman will be on top and ride you. Normally this position will give you full control to rub the clit with penis and no doubt you can control the speed as per your need. You will definitely enjoy this position and your lady will get multiple orgasms.

Doggy style 

Doggy style is one of the classy sexual positions which can allow your partner multiple orgasms. In this position you can easily penetrate deep and also get complete control of your body. To make this position easier and smooth you can also slightly bend towards down. Try this you will definitely enjoy the best orgasms ever. 

Reverse Missionary 

Missionary sex is common and almost known to everyone but if you want to enjoy the true pleasure of multiple orgasms then try reverse missionary position. In this position you have to lay down on your chest and penetrate your partner from the backside.  


If you want to have a great sex with multiple orgasms then spooning is the best sex position you definitely try. In this sexual position you have to lie down on your side and let your partner enter penis from behind. In this way your partner can easily feel the G-spot. If you want to make it easier then just raise your legs for more easy and comfortable sex.