How to improve your sex life?


As people become more comfortable with thinking about and openly discussing their sex lives, they often come to realize that they are not fully satisfied. Sometimes this leads to identifying a specific relationship or health issue, but more often than not it is difficult to point out the exact reason as to why you are in a rut. Whether you are stuck in a dry spell or just experiencing a little boredom, there are some reliable ways to bring passion and excitement back into the bedroom.

Communicate with your partner

This first tip is not very sexy but mutual understanding is crucial in all areas of life. That is why you should regularly have conversations about the direction your sex life is taking. These should take place separately from your sexual interactions, so that you pay attention to what your partner is saying and do not rush. What do you enjoy? What would you like to change? Are your needs met? If you are not used to expressing your wants, formulating answers to such questions out loud might feel a bit awkward at first, but in the long run it is worth it to open up.

Change things up

Novelty plays an important role in arousal for many. After all, sexual desire is the strongest in the beginning stages of a relationship and then lessens as we get used to our partner. For this reason it is crucial to keep introducing new elements to your sex life – even when you think you already know what turns you and your partner on the most! Our tastes and kinks evolve throughout our entire lives, so you are likely to discover at some point that a position or scenario that used to be nothing special now really gets you going.

Look for inspiration

Reading erotica or watching porn might help you enhance your sex life for multiple reasons. First of all, it is guaranteed to increase your arousal and help put you in the mood for sex more frequently, if that is something you are after. Moreover, consuming erotic material provides a safe way to work out what you are into and then explore these desires without fear of judgement. It might even help you open up to activities you have not tried before!

Share your fantasies

While explaining your fantasies to your partner might feel extremely vulnerable, it will increase your intimacy and help them understand what actually excites you.  If you want to show rather than tell, consider watching sex movies together on redtube. Besides introducing new ideas, viewing videos with a partner can be a way to indulge some difficult-to-realize fantasies and serve as a form of foreplay.

Give toys a try

Many couples hesitate to introduce sex toys into their relationship, even if one or both partners love using them for solo play. It is important to raise the topic beforehand and make sure both of you approach the toys not as stand-ins for a partner, but as tools that allow you to experience a wider range of sensations. Discuss how the toy might fit into your sexual dynamic and then explore the potential that gadgets give you. Whichever path for spicing up your sex life you choose to try out, have fun experimenting!