The most popular hot scenes in cinema

The cinema has given us hundreds of tears, laughs and scares for many years, but it has also been responsible for making us sweat on more than one occasion. And not precisely because of problems with the air conditioning in movie theaters.

Thanks to these erotic scenes, many couples have wanted to fantasize imitating them in the bedroom. In the case of single people, many have decided to contact a independent Sheffield escorts on adult classified portals like Skokka UK, to experience these sexual adventures.

Sex plays a very important role in the seventh art. The directors use it as a resource of intensity, to tell what cannot be said with words, and as a provocation. Many of the scenes have been so impressive that they have already become legend, and that is why it is worth remembering five of the hottest shots in the history of cinema.

Against all Odds (1984)

Taylor Hackford’s American drama captivated the viewers from the start thanks to its star-studded cast, featuring Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges and James Woods. The classic film revolves around a bandit who hires a former soccer player to find his girlfriend. When he found her, they both fell in love.

The relationship between Ward and Bridges jumped into the air and left its mark on the big screen, also giving wild sex scenes with, at the same time, a subtlety that made fall in love completely. The director was in charge of showing  just a few brushstrokes so that everyone could give free rein to our imagination. And it worked, because since then there have been many people who, either as a couple or with the help of a professional escorts in Sheffield, have been able to recreate these scenes in their room.

The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange raise the temperature (including controversy) in The Postman Always Rings Twice. This classic noir film directed by Bob Rafelson is remembered for its steamy and memorable kitchen scenes.

A shocking sex scene on a floured table (the ideal location for breaking the rules) reminds everyone of James M. Cain’s erroneously adapted novel from the 1946. It was even commented (all false) that for the filming its protagonists had real sex. Undoubtedly, the scenes of this film are the ones that have made the public fantasize the most, even hiring professional independent Nottingham escorts on portals like Skokka UK, to recreate them.

9 1/2 weeks (1986)

Every racy scene of Nine and a Half Weeks captured the hearts of the masses. The chemistry between Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke is impressive…as is their wild love affair.

Based on the book of the same name by Ingeborg Day, although the author published it under the pseudonym Elizabeth McNeill, the film became a reference in erotic cinema: continuity of erotic food and sex scenes, sequences in the rain, steeple encounters, Kim Basinger striptease, games of domination and subjugation, erotic games…

However, the story behind these erotic games is quite criticized, as John (Rourke) demands that Elizabeth (Basinger)  follow his own rules, drawing her into an exclusive relationship, harmful and dangerous, that they have during nine and a half weeks.

And Your Mother Too (2001)

And Your Mother Too is the fourth film by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón (“Roma”). Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, much of the dialogue revolves around sex…with a most compelling final scene.

With a cast led by Maribel Verdú, Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal, it has become one of the biggest hits in independent cinema. The film tells the story of a Spanish woman who goes on vacation to Mexico with her boyfriend, but who discovers his infidelity and goes to the beach with two guys who fell madly in love with her.

Adele’s Life (2013)

A lesbian love story where the focus of the camera is just a few centimeters from the love relationship between the two characters, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Lèa Seydoux. So close that a sex scene lasting more than six minutes is clearly shown. Of course, the film is surrounded by controversy, because, for many people, what is seen on the screen is completely unreal.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

It could be the most morbid movie in cinema. In Eyes Wide Shut, sex appears full-time in the script of this film, explicitly and implicitly, even coming to seem unattainable. Marital sex is the opening scene of this shady and enigmatic Stanley Kubrick film, but also the last.

The chemistry of the two characters was undeniable. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise represent a repertoire of sensual scenes with desire, sexual orgies, fidelity, jealousy and the clandestine as protagonists.

In fact, the last word that is pronounced in this film is ‘fuck’: ‘There is something very important that we have to do as soon as possible’, says the protagonist; ‘what?’, he asks… ‘Fuck’, she replies.